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What We Do

GamePlan Consultants have helped casino companies around the world develop the culture, the strategy, and the skills-set needed to thrive in today's demanding environment. Backed by in-depth understanding of marketing, psychology, mathematics, analytics, and management, we enable our clients achieve optimal performance.

We bring decades of interfunctional experience to our mentoring, advising, and research activities. With a highly respectable multinational client list and with close to hundred gaming publications to our credit, we have established ourselves as the very best creative thinkers in casino management.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, don't go it alone. Let GamePlan Consultants be your partners in success!

To discuss how GamePlan Consultants can work with your organization to maximize growth and enhance customer profitability, please email Dr. Sudhir Kalé at:


Contact Info

GamePlan Consultants

11 Gilgandra Close Reedy Creek, QLD 4227, AUSTRALIA +61-755220467